Apply for Partners of Sexual Abuse Survivors Peer-Support Forum Membership

Important! Before applying for membership to the Support Forums you must read the forum rules - your membership will not be approved if you don't agree with the rules.

You will get an email notification once membership is approved (if you don't see anything after a few hours or so, check your junk email filter/folder - the emails come from "").

When your application is approved, the 'Your Story' and 'What do you want to gain from this forum?' portions will be viewable in the forum. This will give everyone some basic background on your journey and current situation; it's a good starting point for getting involved in the forum. Only registered users will be able to see your user name and forum activity; no one will see your email address unless you choose to share it.

Members are automatically subscribed to the 'Site-wide announcements' newsletter, which is only used when there are changes to the site, forum, or rules that need to be communicated to everyone. This happens rarely. If you do not want to receive those announcements, after logging in to the site you can unsubscribe in your account preferences (the 'My account' link).

This will be your user ID and login ID; this is the ID all other users in the forum will know you by. Please use 'real' names - perhaps your first name followed by last name initial, like johnl or annek. You can whatever you want for a user name, but using 'real' names creates a more personal atmosphere in the forum.

We require your email address to send you login information and other information about the forum (such as subscriptions to comments and new posts). Your email address will not be shown to other users in the forum, but is viewable by the system administrator.
The Support for Partners forum is for partners in committed relationships; we need an idea of how long you've been together.
We would like to know how you found us - from a web site search, recommended by a friend?
Please tell us briefly about your story - how did you meet your partner, how did you learn about the sexual abuse, how is it affecting your relationship?
What do you want to gain from participating in this forum? What are your hopes and expectations?
Please let us know if you have any other information for us - anything at all that you want to mention that hasn't already been said?
Click here to read the forum rules in a new window - it's important! Remember to look for an email in a few hours from with your login information.