Welcome to Support for Partners

Welcome to Support for Partners

Support for Partners is here to help provide some support for partners of those who have been sexually abused as children, provide resources to develop skills that help partners in their relationships, and provide information about abuse and its effects.

The complexities and challenges of relationships are magnified with survivors of sexual abuse. Those who are in a partner-relationship with survivors often need some support and understanding to help them through the recovery process. Our online forum is a place where partners can both get and provide support. Here is one partner's feedback on their participation in the forum:

I was shocked to hear of my partner's past and am sympathetic to his feelings and beliefs, but the discovery left me lost and confused about my own ideas of our relationship. Being a part of the Support For Partners forum - sharing my experiences and reading other peoples' concerns - helped me realize that I am not alone and that through time, care, and love - my partner and I can prevail.

About the Site

The site is organized into three primary sections:

  • Information about support groups focused on helping partners of survivors. This Support Group section also has information on how to create your own peer-support group.
  • Resources, including web sites, journal articles, and various other links in the Resources section. We've assembled and continue to build a repository of information to help partners of sexual abuse survivors learn, improve and thrive.
  • An online forum for partners to participate in - it's an online peer-support group. The online forum is not visible or open to the public - only those who have registered can participate. Applications for membership in the forum are normally approved within one day of submission.

We welcome comments, feedback, and ideas for improvement! Please let us know via the Contact page.